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Project Financing basically involves financing in a larger scale the total project from drawing board stage to the commercial production. More emphasis is laid in assessing the techno-economic viability of the project and its ability to generate adequate cash flow by way of income so as to take care of the repayment. Normally in project financing, the thrust on collateral securities is less than the vanilla financing. Project financing involves normally a host of banks, FIs operating under the legal umbrella of Consortium lending or multiple financing. PPP (Public Private Partnership) projects are a special branch of project financing. In general, Power Plants, Highway roads, bridges, hospitals, large water treatment plants fall under the ambit of PPP. Here project assets and its revenue stream are relied upon for repayment. At the end of the concession period, the private company returns the assets to the Government. Concession period is so calculated so as to enable the private company to pay off the debt and return ownership to its original owner. Large shopping malls are also executed and financed under a similar model known as BOLT. Read more